What to do in Saint-Malo?

Visit the National Fort

The National Fort is classified as a historic monument. It was built according to the plans of the military architect Vauban and on the orders of Louis XIV to ensure the protection of the port of Saint-Malo. Do not hesitate to visit this building, only accessible by low tide or enjoy the panoramic view of the bay and the old town of Saint-Malo.

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Walking on Le Grand Bé

This rocky mound located 400m from the old town is accessible at low tide. It was the first commune of Saint-Malo and now houses the tomb of Châteaubriand. This is why this rock is called the Great Be, “Bey” meaning “fall” in Celtic.

Go around the ramparts

The Corsair City is surrounded by ramparts of 1754m long, classified as Historical Monuments since 1921. Unlike most of the interior of the citadel, the ramparts were not destroyed by bombardments in 1944. The original enclosure was built in the 12th century. Currently, the area of the city protected by these ramparts is 24 hectares. It is possible to walk around the ramparts.

Visit Saint-Malo castle

The Château de Saint-Malo was built between the 15th and 18th centuries. It is located at the entrance to the Corsair City. It now houses a museum on the history of the city.