Discover the Solidor Tower in Saint-Malo

The Solidor Tower in Saint-Malo is a beautiful historical legacy from our past. It used to be possible to visit it, but it is still possible to walk around and enjoy this beautiful Breton building. It is, in our opinion, a must in Saint-Malo and we advise you to go there if you are coming to Saint-Malo!

What’s the Solidor Tower in Saint-Malo?

The Solidor Tower is located in the district of Saint Servan, at the entrance of the Rance river. Originally, when the Tower was built in the 14th century by order of the Duke of Brittany, its role was to control navigation in the Saint-Malo estuary.

Over time, it has been occupied by military men who used it as a lookout for the horizon. Then it was used as a prison during the Revolution and finally as a warehouse during the empire. Since the 1980s, a museum has occupied the premises. Unfortunately, the latter has just closed its doors until 2022, when a museum of maritime history will open in another location.

The Solidor Tower is 18 meters high. It is composed of 3 circular towers in which there are 3 floors. For the record, the staircase that leads to the top is composed of more than 100 steps!

At the foot of the Tower, a cross was installed in 1985 to mark the departure of Jacques Cartier for Canada.

How do I get to the Solidor Tower?

The Solidor Tower is located near the Cité d’Alet, in the Saint-Malo district. From Intra-muros, you can easily get there on foot, along the beach of Bas-Sablons.  Only 2 kilometres separate the old town from the Solidor Tower. The walk is very pleasant. 

By car, just take the direction of Saint-Servan, drive along the port of Bas Sablons and you’re there!