8 activities to do in Saint-Malo when it rains

Clichés are hard to forget, we know it! And that’s why we are often asked the question: what to do in Saint-Malo when it rains? We decided to stop trying to convince people that the sun is quite present in Brittany and chose to list the list of the best indoor activities to do in the Corsair City.

What to do in Saint-Malo when it rains?

Do an escape-game in Saint-Malo

Haven’t you always dreamed of going on a treasure hunt in the heart of the Corsair City, like real pirates? There is no lack of escape games in Saint-Malo and the surrounding area.

An escape game is a life-size treasure hunt. Often, the goal is to free yourself from the room you are in in less than 60 minutes. They combine puzzles, riddles and mechanisms to open. Teamwork is often the key to success!

Breizh Escape

This company offers life-size escape-games in the city of Saint-Malo or in Dinard. Different scenarios are proposed to please the greatest number of people.

In Dinard, you will be locked in a World War II bunker in the middle of August 1944. It is up to you to work your mind to free yourself.

In Saint-Malo, the stories take place in the old town and require a thorough exploration of the Corsair City to succeed in thwarting all its secrets …

The last secret of Surcouf

In teams of 2 to 6, you have one hour to try to escape from the prison where you are locked up. Perspicacity and coordination will be your 2 best friends to thwart the traps on your way. Your goal to free yourself? Discover the secret of the famous Robert Surcouf, your ancestor.

The Mac’h Low Mystery

Locked in Captain Mac’h Low’s office on his boat, you have 60 minutes to escape. Be logical, be creative and above all, trust your teammates!

Beware, the escape game takes place on a boat, it is not recommended for people who get seasick! But for the others, you could win a cruise if you manage to escape before the time limit.

Visit the Grand Aquarium

The Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo is a paradise for ocean lovers! For more than 2 hours, you are immersed in the heart of different marine environments. You will be amazed and learn more about marine biodiversity. The Grand Aquarium exhibits more than 600 species of marine animals, from cold and deep seas to warm and tropical seas.

Different atmospheres and activities allow you to plunge into the heart of the ocean. With the touch pool, you will be as close as possible to Koi rays and carp. To enjoy the adventure even more, don’t miss the outing to the seabed in a real submarine, the Nautibus, which lets you discover more than 5000 fish and their little world through its porthole.

Another new thing at the Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo is the Abyssal Descender, a simulator that takes you into the abyss. Don’t worry, it’s more real than life!

Enjoy the Aquatonic circuit of the Thermes Marins

Source : Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo

The ideal activity to do in Saint-Malo when it rains is to spend some time at the spa! And for that, nothing better than the Aquatonic course at the Thermes Marins. This large pool of more than 185m2 offers sea water pumped from the bay of Saint-Malo heated to more than 30 C.

The Aquatonic course offers nearly 14 activities for a maximum feeling of happiness. Dynamic cells, turbo jets, counter-current operation…

The experts advise to spend 45 minutes in the circuit and alternate the different pools whose temperature varies from 31 to 34 degrees. In addition to relaxing completely, you will activate your blood circulation.

And if you wish to end this enchanting little break with another experience, sauna and hammam are on site! But if you are brave, you can also try their ice fountain!

Go to the movies

Saint-Malo is not a big city, and yet a huge multi-complex, the Ciné Vauban, opened its doors in early 2020.

If it’s going to be a rainy day in Saint-Malo, don’t hesitate to come and enjoy one of the 8 new movie theaters rooms. Comfortable seats and large screens await you for a very reasonable price not exceeding 10€.

Drink a good hot chocolate

Don’t we all feel like drinking a good hot chocolate on a rainy day? It is true that Saint-Malo is mostly known for its galettes, but the city is home to some very cute tea rooms.

If you prefer tea to hot chocolate, La Bergamote is for you! This tea room is located in the heart of the old town and offers a wide selection of teas. The most gourmet will be able to choose to accompany it with a good scone or a piece of cake.

Timothy also offers delicious pastries for snack time. Moreover, their cakes are on display and make the mouth-watering of all passers-by.

Visit a malouinière

Saint-Malo is a city with strong roots in the Brittany region. One of the most beautiful testimonies of this are the magnificent malouinières that can be found everywhere around Saint-Malo.

Most of the malouinières were built between the 17th and 18th century. They belonged to Malouin ship owners and corsairs who wanted a little more space than they could have Intra-Muros. The number of Malouinières reached 300 around Saint-Malo. Unfortunately, most of them have disappeared. But it is still possible to visit some of the remaining ones.

An ideal walk when it rains in Saint-Malo. You can get a glimpse of the typical architecture of these beautiful buildings and learn more about their legendary owners.

Don’t forget to make sure you ask before you visit, most of the malouinières are closed to the public during the low season.

Take a little train ride

If you think that the little train is only for children, you are wrong! Indeed, the Saint-Malo mini-train has just been completely renovated and its little facelift has not only been for the equipment. Of course, it is now equipped with a transparent roof to enjoy an even wider view, but above all, it is completely covered and runs even on (rare) rainy days.

The walk is fully guided and allows you to learn more about the history of Saint-Malo, tells anecdotes about the main monuments and allows you to discover the most beautiful corners of the old city.

Be careful however, the little train is closed from December to March and the frequency is reduced in October and November.

Visit the micro-zoo

The micro-zoo opened its doors at the beginning of 2020, to our great pleasure! Located in the ramparts of Saint-Malo, the micro-zoo offers to discover no less than 350 animal species.

We love leaf-cutting ants, but the dwarf crocodiles made us crack as well.

Of course, the objective of the micro-zoo is to raise awareness about environmental protection, especially among the youngest among us. The course is therefore particularly educational. We learn more about the species presented, but also about the best way to protect them when they are in their natural environment.

Saint-Malo under the rain: is it worth it?

There is a saying that you can have all 4 seasons in the same day in Saint-Malo and it’s true! With the movement of the tides, the weather can be overcast in the morning, and the tide as it goes down will carry away the clouds to make way for the sun. But if, unfortunately, the weather is not nice during your stay in Saint-Malo, you can still enjoy it. 

The activities to do in Saint-Malo when it rains are very varied and allow you to discover different aspects of the Breton culture. It can also be the opportunity to enjoy the maritime atmosphere, a good book in hand while sipping a hot drink.